• 3Beautiful Stylish Baby Cap With Rope+1 Free Baby Face Towel

    • 3Beautiful Stylish Baby Cap with Rope+1 Free Baby Face Towel
    • It is important you get this item as your baby will definitely need it from birth till, he or she is grown up
    • It keeps the baby away from cold weather as the baby’s head is not supposed to be exposed to air to avoid cold.
    • It is a must to put on a cap for newborn babies as the center of their head will still be tender and should be well covered.
    • As our way of saying thank you for patronizing us we added one baby face towel that can be used any time, every time to clean up baby drops.
    • The caps are beautiful and stylish which will bring out baby beauty after dressing up.
    • It comes with ropes as you can gently tight it softly to avoid it falling off your baby’s head while walking or covering your baby’s face wrongly, for well position purposes

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